The gravity of some old discontent had dragged you back to measurable time.
~Rainer Maria Rilke

Who would create a world
where a god could keep us

from knowing beyond the blood
of a Winesap? Ignorance is an orchard

waiting to tear through the soles
of our feet. A flood to drown

sin and save the animal. We search
for Eden along the Euphrates to find

the cradle of gold, but there are no
flaming swords guarding the gate,

there’s only a truth buried so well
we forget who carried the spade.

So much of us left like lodestone
in the earth. It comes down to this:

I asked to be hungry,
you consented to be tasted.

Creation – A piece of music

Picture by Dean Pasch (Germany)

Poem by Lois P. Jones (USA)

Music by Sandra Hollstein (Germany)

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