Jean-Luc Godard said:

“a story should have a beginning, a middle and an end,
but not necessarily in that order”

For most of my post childhood / youth I felt life as a series of fragments – joined together by time, by circumstance, by love, fear, hope and a feeling that whilst experiencing existence as a fragmentary condition – through art the fragments can take on a structure that gives reassurance and meaning.

In my 20s I created a porous document called fragments and now as I have begun my 50s I find myself doing something else that I call fragments but now with a greater sense of purpose, and a deeper connection with others.

53 Fragments / in five parts – a mosaic, a kaleidoscope, a patch-work about existence.

Part 1 – creation / birth

Part 2 – childhood & youth

Part 3 – early adulthood & middle age

Part 4 – old age

Part 5 – death / re-birth

It brings together pictures, words and music – by a collection of  poets, visual artists and musicians.

It juxtaposes their responses to the themes mentioned – their exploration, through their art, of the gamut of a person’s life (from the womb to the tomb).

Contributing artists, poets and musicians:

Jane Blue

Kevin M. Hibshman

Petra Whitely

Josephine Dickinson

Kevin Reid

Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Lois P. Jones

Robert Gibbons

John Guzlowski

Chris Madoch

Michael Dickel

Ben Fisher

Adam (Dr Lightworker) Brobjorg

Sandra Hollstein

Katerina Dramitinou

Alexandra Eldrige

Eric Armitage

Stephen Linsteadt

Viviana Hinojosa


Cornelia Pasch

Deborah Scott

Steve Karn

Steve Mueske

Timur Iskandarov (Tamerlan)

Mauricio Venegas-Astorga (Quimantu)

Dean Pasch

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