After Many a Summer

After many a summer dies the swan
The maiden too, and then the fawn
Rebirth, rejoice
You have no choice
Sing it now, in a high clear voice
Rejoice, rejoice
Long past midnight comes the dawn
When all the stars and the moon have gone
The clouds creep in
And paint the sky
Yet no one thought
To wonder why
And the gleam has left
The maiden’s eye
The fawn to doe
The swan to die
The old maid’s left
To wonder why
Youth and love
Have passed her by
And all her dreams are laced within
A single sigh
Rebirth rejoice
Sing it now in a high clear voice
Rejoice, rejoice

Steps II – A piece of music

Picture by Adam Brobjorg

Poem by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Music by Dorothee Eberhardt