My Parents Dying in the Rain

They wait for the rain —
Not for its wetness
But its dark grayness

It covers their flight,
I would go out
And try to stop them,
Bring them back
To where I think
They belong,
Here in this house,
Sitting, old before the TV,
Watching Wheel of Fortune,
Vanna’s blue gown
A whirl of skies —

Or sitting there
On the patio
Like fishermen,
Their coffee growing cold
Beside them

But no,
They leave in the rain,
So I can’t see them leaving

I will understand
That this is right
Understand this
After they leave me

Like the sea
On a moonless night
Growing away from me,

Its waves moving first toward me
And then away, toward me
And then away

Without You in the Lost & Found – A piece of music

Picture by Dean Pasch

Poem by John Guzlowski

Music by Ben Fischer