Planning stages – 53 Fragments

Around this time (March / April) , 6 years ago, I was in the planning stages of 53 Fragments.

I had a solid idea of the structure:

3 mediums / picture, poem, music

53 fragments (why this number and are there really exactly 53 fragments?)

Around 20 artists, poets and musicians from around the world – filling up 53 Fragments with content

A ‘weblishing’ time-frame of around 17-18 weeks / approximately 4 months.

The theme was clear: Existence – from the womb to the tomb, as well as before and after – broken into 5 parts:

creation-birth / childhood-youth / early adulthood & middle-age / old-age / death-rebirth

The contributors would know the themes and overview in advance, and contribute to specific ‘fragments’ as the weeks and months unfolded. Sometimes a contributor would be responding to the theme as well as to another contributor’s contribution. Some fragments were finalised last-minute, others were gathered, put together and waited for their moment to go public.

I had little to no experience creating the site for the project. I threw myself into that part blindly, yet with enthusiasm. Somehow it worked enough to carry the flow, throughout the months from the launch of fragment 1 to the final fragment.

6 years later I am reloading the project. 53 Fragments has plenty of life left in it as a project. It has its own organic dynamic and set of textures. my work with the reload is to tune into this, to put right the technical mistakes (in the back-end) that I was a master at! I have more knowledge and experience now. 53 Fragments will not only be reloaded but seek expansion. I still have contact with almost all of the contributors. Sadly, one dear friend, passed away. Jane Blue remains very much a part of this project however. I will miss her responses and further contributions.

As the world struggles and grapples with COVID-19, 53 Fragments mingles with a world filled with life and death and all in between. May you all remain well, safe and healthy – and those who are suffering, may you find strength and maintain the hope to continue and heal. We are all in this together.

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